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Outspoken East 2022

LGBTQ+ Rights & Representation at the Crossroads

Friday June 10, 2022 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Amid harrowing domestic and international developments, the battle for US LGBTQ+ civil rights enters a new era of somber uncertainty. Within the United States, an increasingly fractious political climate underscores widening fissures over gender identity, religious freedom, and civil discourse across the nation. Moreover, thanks to a burgeoning wave of state-level, anti-transgender legislation and growing calls for “empowering parents” to improve the “quality of life” for children, legitimate questions arise over whether or not momentum gained by LGBTQ+ people over the past decade may be unceremoniously (if no less dramatically) undone.

This June, the Thomson Reuters Institute is proud to announce the return of our annual LGBTQ+ leadership conference as part of an ongoing global DEI spotlight series. Celebrating Pride Month in the heart of New York City, this annual summit convenes professional services sector LGBTQ+ constituents and allies for timely, impassioned, and practical exploration of key sociopolitical developments and professional development opportunities impacting the broader community.

Don’t miss this important opportunity to forge connections and facilitate change on both a personal and professional level.

Save the date. Online registration now available.

Event Details

New York, NY

$199 USD

For questions about this event, please call 1-800-308-1700 or email us at

Why You Should Attend

  • As one of the world’s most ethical companies, Thomson Reuters considers this event an honor and moral obligation to connect passionate advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and representation with key power brokers and influencers across industries
  • Our program delivers actionable intelligence to effect meaningful change at a pivotal moment for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Attendees gain critical guidance to help expedite their own career trajectory and expand their professional network

Who Should Attend

  • LGBTQ+ professionals, allies, influencers, and power brokers from across industries
  • Diversity & inclusion professionals
  • Chief talent officers
  • Human resources leaders
  • DEI consultants

Chair(s) and Faculty

Chair(s) Faculty
Mark McLennan
Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Bill Bradshaw
Director – Inclusion & Diversity, KPMG
Chris Crespo
Inclusiveness Director, Ernst & Young LLP
Trevor Dunaway
Director – Deal Advisory, KPMG
David Flugman
Partner, Selendy Gay Elsberg PLLC
Omar Gonzalez-Pagan
Senior Attorney, Lambda Legal
Hugo Greenhalgh
Editor, Openly and Inclusive Economies, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Deborah Lolai
Supervisor of the LGBTQ Defense Project, The Bronx Defenders
Kyle Luebke
Counsel, McGuireWoods LLP, President, Log Cabin Republicans of North Carolina
Charles Moran
President, Log Cabin Republicans
Elizabeth Munsky
Director of LGBTQ+ Initiatives, NYC Department of Corrections
Michelle Phillips
Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.
Jason Rosenbaum
Associate Director, HR Business Partner, Annalect
Kenrick Ross
Executive Director, NQAPIA
Richard Saenz
Senior Attorney and Criminal Justice Misconduct Strategist, Lambda Legal
Candelario Saldana
Associate, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP
Maria Sjödin
Acting Executive Director, OutRight Action International
Matthew Toole
Director, Deals Intelligence, Refinitiv

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Event agenda

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Friday June 10, 2022

8:00AM-9:00AM ET Networking Breakfast
8:55AM-9:00AM ET Opening Remarks
9:00AM-10:00AM ET A Separate Peace: Legislation, Conflagration, & the Escalating US Culture Wars

Recent events have seen the steady erosion of LGBTQ+ civil rights in the US public square. According to the HRC, 2021 was a watershed year for US anti-transgender legislation, as 13 of a record 147 state-level proposals successfully passed into law. Described by Arkansas state Rep. Mary Bentley (R) as social “abomination[s],” the transgender community found itself embroiled in a fiercely incandescent culture war with broad sociopolitical and legal implications. More recently, and in the shadow of a newly reconfigured US Supreme Court, the passage of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill—described by critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill—suggests an ominous turn in an era where “empower[ed] parents” and calls for improved “quality of life” threaten to derail social progress. This conversation offers earnest commentary on the state of US LGBTQ+ civil rights today. Do current developments augur hope or despair for current and future generations?


David S. Flugman, Partner, Selendy Gay Elsberg PLLC
Omar Gonzales-Pagan, Senior Attorney, Lambda Legal
Hugo Greenhalgh, Editor, Openly and Inclusive Economies, Thomson Reuters Foundation

10:00AM-10:15AM ET Break
10:15AM-11:15AM ET Breakout #1: The Front Runner: Assessing the Debate Over Transgender Athletics (Breakout)

Few issues are as polarizing today as the inclusion of transgender athletes in competitive sports. Proponents and activists emphasize inclusion and opportunity as immutable pillars around which each transgender athlete has the right to compete, while conversely, those in opposition site fairness and safety as key criteria for disqualification. In the wake of numerous state-level legislative activity and recent policy updates from the NCAA Board of Governors, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and International Olympic Committee, it’s safe to say that the debate over transgender (student-)athlete rights and representation shows no sign of abating. This session offers a spirited and cordial dialogue between those for and against transgender athlete participation in sports at the collegiate and professional level.


Kenrick Ross, Executive Director, NQAPIA

Breakout #2: Moonlight: Cultivating Personal Brand & Business Development Skills in LGBTQ+ Professionals (Breakout)

Pan-industry research suggests that diversity and authenticity directly correlate with enhanced productivity, creativity, and overall profitability in modern business. Whether on a personal or professional level, acting with passion and confidence helps establish a tangible brand upon which key relationships and career development opportunities are forged. This presentation offers comprehensive guidance on building strategic clarity and assurance around the unique contours of LGBTQ+ identity. Participants are invited to share their own perspectives on successes (or setbacks) throughout the conversation.


Bill Bradshaw, Director – Inclusion & Diversity, Withum


Trevor S. Dunaway, Director – Deal Advisory, KPMG

11:30AM-11:45AM ET Break
11:30AM-12:30PM ET The Color Purple: The LGBTQ+ Influence in Conservative Politics

When it comes to politics, some assume that LGBTQ+ values most closely align with the liberal party. Yet as the previous Republican presidential administration laid bare, LGBTQ+ conservatives found a rare, heretofore elusive opportunity to openly express their political allegiance to a party long viewed as homophobic. Indeed, for many LGBTQ+ conservatives, Donald Trump’s implicit message that the LGBTQ+ culture wars were no longer a core tenet of his brand of Republicanism was a remarkable turn of events—one that well-established organizations such as the Log Cabin Republicans wholeheartedly embraced. Entering Year Two of the Biden Administration, the Republican party has a chance to assess the scope and impact of LGBTQ+ conservatives within its political tent. What role will gay Republicans play in the future of the party? Given the multi-generational and ideological friction embroiling the GOP, is there a legitimate opportunity for the Republican tent to continue to adapt and evolve?


Kyle Luebke, Counsel, McGuireWoods LLP & President, Log Cabin Republicans of North Carolina
Charles T. Moran, President, Log Cabin Republicans

12:30PM-1:30PM ET Networking Luncheon
1:30PM-2:30PM ET Breakout #1: This Wild Darkness: COVID-19’s Impact on the LGBTQ+ Community (Breakout)

Few populations were as dramatically impacted by COVID-19 as the LGBTQ+ community. Faced with high unemployment, healthcare accessibility concerns, remote or online interactions, as well as an elevated risk of abuse, depression, or suicidal ideation, LGBTQ+ people endured acute vulnerability the past twenty-four months, particularly among younger and older generations. Inspired by recent scholarship about COVID-19’s psychological burden and deleterious impact on mental health, this discussion examines the latest data and public trends surrounding life in a pandemic era. How have recent events affected those most at risk in the community?


Maria Sjödin, Acting Executive Director, OutRight Action International

Breakout #2: Parting Glances: Bolstering LGBTQ+ Retention in Professional Services Firms (Breakout)

A recent study by the Institute of Management Accountants and the California Society of CPAs found that only half of LGBTQ+ employees working in US accounting view the profession as equitable and inclusive. Even more alarming, less than 35% of respondents openly identifying as LGBTQ+ believe they receive equitable treatment or similar promotional and career development opportunities as that of their non-LGBTQ+-identifying peers. In the legal profession, a similar “bottleneck” exists as one advances toward law firm partnership. Indeed, according to American Bar Association surveys, LGBTQ+ lawyers constitute less than 2% of attorneys in a given firm, yet average an 11% annual attrition rate, and appear overrepresented as Non-equity (as opposed to Equity) partners in large and midsize organizations. Such conclusions underscore a crucial need for better support networks and LGBTQ+ employee retention strategies across professional services firms. This breakout shares a timely take on best practices and operational strategies toward reversing this accelerating trend.


Chris Crespo, Inclusiveness Director, Ernst & Young LLP
Mark C. McLennan,
Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Candelario Saldana, Associate, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP
Matt Toole, Director, Deals Intelligence, Refinitiv

2:30PM-2:45PM ET Break
2:45PM-3:45PM ET Other Voices: (In)Visibility & Belonging within the LGBTQ Community

Pride Month and Gilbert Baker’s iconic rainbow flag are intended to celebrate the diverse, rich heritage of the LGBTQ+ nation and its myriad constituents. Each year, the support of numerous celebrities, corporate sponsors, and dedicated community partners offers a kinetic and ostensibly inclusive tableau of modern LGBTQ+ experience and identity politics. Yet in the eyes of a growing chorus of critics, for many LGBTQ+ people of color, Pride Month’s increasingly commercialized spectacle is a lost opportunity to shed light upon marginalized pockets of the queer collective still grappling with visibility and acceptance. This conversation offers an important inquiry into the racial, ethnic, and cultural limitations of LGBTQ+ communal pride. For all the good “mainstream” media and businesses have done to celebrate or recognize LGBTQ+ constituents, can more be done to incorporate “fringe” members of the community?

3:45PM-4:00PM ET Break
4:00PM-5:00PM ET Breakout #1: Before Night Falls: Global Criminal Justice Reform and the LGBTQ+ Community (Breakout)

Criminal justice data reveals that LGBTQ+ people—especially youth and women—are disproportionately represented throughout the system and suffer higher rates of physical or psychological abuse than their heterosexual or cisgender peers. Among incarcerated populations, LGBTQ+ people of color are also most likely to suffer the indignities of racism and discrimination at the hands of fellow inmates or prison staff—a fate not lost among criminal justice reform activists and allies. This panel explores ongoing reform efforts and alleged civil rights violations wrought against this vulnerable population. How are leading organizations and the private sector managing to lead on change?


Deborah Lolai, Supervisor of the LGBTQ Defense Project, The Bronx Defenders
Elizabeth Munsky
, Director of LGBTQ+ Initiatives, NYC Department of Corrections
Richard Saenz, Senior Attorney and Criminal Justice Misconduct Strategist, Lambda Legal

Breakout #2: A Room of One’s Own: Managing LGBTQ+ Workplace Harassment & Discrimination (Breakout)

According to a new study from the Williams Institute at UCLA Law, 37.7% of survey respondents experienced at least some form of workplace harassment or discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. More distressing, an astounding 67.5% of survey participants also experienced derogatory jokes, slurs, or general commentary toward LGBTQ+ people (“f****t,” “tranny,” “dyke,” “queer”) from workplace peers, including nearly 33% reporting such reprehensible behavior within the last five years. Suffice it to say, for as much as Bostock v. Clayton County transformed workplace experience for many LGBTQ+ professionals, more can and should be done. This conversation offers important guidance on reporting and managing anti-LGBTQ+ workplace behavior in the current climate. As multiple generations continue to enter the workforce, and many employers embark upon hybrid or remote working models, how can individual employees and diversity or human resources professionals reinforce inclusive cultures across the enterprise?


Michelle E. Phillips, Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.
Jason Rosenbaum, Associate Director, HR Business Partner, Annalect

5:00PM-6:00PM ET Networking Reception

Please join us for drinks and canapés as we wrap up the day’s discussion.

The Westin New York Grand Central

212 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

The Westin New York Grand Central is a modern and spacious hotel in the heart of New York City. Conveniently situated near Grand Central Station in midtown Manhattan, the Westin offers ideal proximity to New York’s unparalleled shopping, entertainment, and cultural attractions.

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