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The 21st Annual Law Firm COO & CFO Forum

Point Break: Growth & the New Economics of Success

Oct 26 - 28, 2022

The Thomson Reuters Institute is honored to present the 21st Annual Law Firm COO & CFO Forum in the heart of New York City. The premier (inter)national summit for eponymous title holders and their peers, our program continues its proud tradition of comprehensive professional education and networking opportunities for the Am Law 200 and beyond.

Plan to join us for the following:

Pre-Conference Workshop (10/26)

This half-day executive workshop offers an interactive setting for law firm executives to engage their peers in discussion and debate. Out of deference to public health considerations, seating is subject to availability.

Opening Night Dinner (10/26)*  

We are pleased to host a festive evening at the iconic Harry’s NYC, a Financial District institution since 1972. Located at One Hanover Square, Harry’s is known for its outstanding hospitality and refined elegance, including classic New York City steakhouse fare and cocktails. Seating is limited to 75 total law firm guests.

*Please email for additional details.

The 21st Annual Law Firm COO & CFO Forum (10/27 – 10/28)

Please join us for our day-and-a-half program devoted to key trends and developments impacting the business of law.

Sign up today! Online registration now available.

Event Details

New York, NY

$2395 USD (Law Firm Attendees)

For questions about this event, please call 1-800-308-1700 or email us at

Why You Should Attend

  • The Law Firm COO & CFO Forum is the premier gathering of eponymous title holders and their executive brethren across the AmLaw 200.
  • Our forum addresses key developments and trends impacting the business of law.
  • We leverage industry-leading Thomson Reuters analytics to offer robust and substantive portraits of the North American legal market.
  • Conference attendees are able to network and engage with colleagues throughout three days of (in)formal dialogue.
  • As a takeaway, attendees can expect practical advice for improving one's productivity and anticipating firm needs in 2021 and beyond.

Who Should Attend

  • Law Firm Chief Operating Officers
  • Law Firm Chief Financial Officers
  • Law Firm Executive Directors
  • Law Firm Directors of Finance
  • Law Firm Directors of Operations

Chair(s) and Faculty

Chair(s) Faculty
Jeffrey Connor
Chief Financial Officer, McGuireWoods LLP
James W. Jones
Director, Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession, Georgetown University Law Center
Gretta Rusanow
Head of Advisory Services, Law Firm Group, Citi Private Bank

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Event agenda

(all times local)

Thursday October 27, 2022

8:00AM ET Breakfast & Registration
9:00AM ET Opening Remarks
9:15AM ET The State of the US Legal Market

2021 was another record year for law firms. Yet despite unprecedented demand and growth rates not seen in over a decade, firms found themselves entangled in an escalating talent war, all while balancing higher expenses with evolving client needs. Given the cautious optimism over COVID-19’s ebb, what might the current and forthcoming year hold for legal professionals? What opportunities exist within key sectors or practice areas? Should law firms expect another banner year or be prepared for modest returns? Join us for our annual, data-driven examination of key trends and headwinds impacting legal services.


James Jones, Senior Fellow, Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession, Georgetown University Law Center
Gretta Rusanow, Head of Advisory Services, Law Firm Group, Citi Private Bank

10:30AM ET Morning Break
10:45AM ET Nervous Conditions: Stress & Demand in the Global Economy

For all the optimism of 2022 economic forecasts, evolving supply chain issues, persistent inflation, market volatility, and even the impact of financial sanctions on Russia have ostensibly derailed short-term momentum heading into 2023. On the eve of the US midterm elections, what is one to make of the overall health of the domestic and global economy? What impact will shifting attitudes toward public health and hybrid work arrangements have on US GDP and global growth? This keynote welcomes expert economists in a roundtable exploration of key economic drivers and potential storm clouds with significant, far-reaching implications.

12:00PM ET Networking Luncheon
1:00PM ET Breakout #1: New Sculptures in the Sandbox: Assessing Alternative Business Ownership Models in Legal Services (Breakout)

Given the accelerating number of so-termed “alternative business structures” outside the United States, the national debate over (inevitable) industry transformation continues to crest. Utah, Arizona, and California are actively exploring or have formally recognized an initial spate of non-traditional providers. And while, in the words of the Utah Supreme Court, a regulatory sandbox offers an admirable approach to curtailing the access to justice “crisis,” broader, state-level resistance toward abolishing ABA Rule 5.4 suggests ominous pitfalls for wider adoption. This session delivers an earnest inquiry into the viability, practicality, and future of alternative business structures. Is there room in a crowded and ever-evolving industry for this new breed of competitor?

Breakout #2: Propulsion Dynamics: Maximizing Value in Strategic Alliances & Business Partnerships (Breakout)

Recent events have underscored the intrinsic value of strategic alliances and external partners with extensive global reach and process efficiency. Such engagements highlight a marked shift toward more bespoke, potentially complex legal services and an implicit nod to pandemic-era financial controls still in place across the Am Law 200. This conversation builds upon collaborative synergies within the current market. How are firms maximizing the impact of third-party partners and professional associations on such matters as client service, business development, people management, or operational infrastructure?

Breakout #3: Forging Empires: Resource and Fiscal Investment in Law Firm R&D (Breakout)

Identifying R&D opportunities toward improved products and/or services is a regular practice for corporations. As the legal industry continues to retrench, opportunities for R&D investment may provide a competitive edge amid increased market competition.  For a firm looking to pursue such an approach, where best to establish roots? How do firms identify key areas of investment and how much of their overall budget or resources can be truly dedicated to R&D? Please join us for a lively exploration of short- and long-term successes (and failures) in pursuit of transformative growth.

2:15PM ET Break
2:30PM ET The New Romantics: Reimagining Purpose & Compensation in Modern Legal Services

Talent management in a pandemic era persists through divergent and dynamic means. When not defining hybrid working models or (re)calibrating office strategy, many firm leaders find themselves grappling with elevated associate attrition and pockets of existential angst over career trajectory, professional purpose, compensation, or work-life balance. This conversation asks not what (or whom) each firm can afford to pay, but what makes sense for a given organization? How are leaders addressing itinerant talent in modern legal services? How are firms incorporating notions of “culture” and “value” within their own compensation models? Is the current industry arms race truly sustainable for most of the Am Law 200? And perhaps, most intriguingly, are heightened attrition levels emblematic of short-term social disruption or much broader, institutional change?

3:30PM ET Break
3:45PM ET Breakout #1: Watchers on the Wall: Managing Changed Risks Across the Firm (Breakout)

Emerging from austerity into a sputtering economy creates significant operational and financial strain. In addition to enhanced operating costs and resumption of employee travel, managing the pandemic-era order-to-cash process, bolstering fraud and cybersecurity controls, or even marketing and client development spend yields considerable risk in a climate of tepid optimism. How are firms protecting themselves in a rapidly evolving landscape? This session explores emergent strategies in risk management as firms continue to stay vigilant and alert.

Breakout #2: Expansive View: Developing a Growth-Focused Knowledge Management Strategy (Breakout)

Technology and business intelligence (“BI”) help identify growth opportunities and overall operational efficiencies. Yet with the pandemic moving most law firm operations to the cloud, and industry forecasts predicting a gradual decline in market momentum, firms may do well to access intelligence outside their usual purview, eliciting important questions over a scalable, growth-oriented knowledge management (“KM”) plan for the firm. How can firms establish a versatile and cohesive KM strategy in the modern workspace? What collaborative approaches (whether within or without) can accelerate or enhance existing processes and resources?

Breakout #3: Transformative Measures: Mastering Firmwide ESG Strategy (Breakout)

Client- and employee-driven expectations around environmental, social & corporate governance (“ESG”) continue to impact both the business and practice of law. As business and people leaders, C-Suite officers play key roles in establishing policies and broader expectations across the enterprise. This breakout asks participants to examine current and forthcoming ESG investments within their firm. Where and how has the organization made strides (or perhaps come up short) regarding expectations and behaviors?  Please join us for a dynamic and interactive exploration of strategic vision and execution.

5:00PM ET Thursday Night Reception

Please join us for drinks as we wrap up the day’s proceedings.

Friday October 28, 2022

8:30AM ET Partner Talks & Breakfast

Please join us for a series of consecutive 15-minute presentations designed for law firm executives.

9:30AM ET Purple Haze: A US Political Roundtable

With expectations of a so-called “red wave” in the US midterm elections against the backdrop of a tumultuous global stage, all eyes are on Capitol Hill and America’s volatile regulatory landscape in year two of President Joe Biden’s administration. Bipartisan antitrust bills, aggressive SEC actions, a conservative-leaning SCOTUS, ongoing culture wars, and a renewed emphasis on environmental sustainability are core political flashpoints with direct, global ramifications for law firm leaders. Please join a panel of esteemed political commentators for a lively roundtable on national politics and federal oversight during a pivotal moment in US history.

10:45AM ET Morning Break
11:00AM ET Into the Metaverse

The next frontier for legal services is rooted in digital expansion. Once the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, decentralized virtual planes contain discrete economies and world-building potential rife with possibility and promise. This closing keynote offers a compelling take on the scale and impact of this ever-evolving technology upon modern commerce. How and where might this latest evolutionary leap influence the next generation of legal clients and how might firms need to prepare for new business trends in an evolving digital age?

12:00PM ET Closing Remarks

The New York Marriott Downtown

85 West Street (at Albany St.)
New York, NY 10006

Thomson Reuters has negotiated a special room block rate of $389/night plus taxes for the dates of Tuesday (10/25/22) through Friday (10/28/22).

Interested parties may book through the following reservation link:

Online Reservations

Please be advised, our reservation cutoff date is Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

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