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Hiroko Bretz

Senior Software Engineer, Corporate

Meet Hiroko

As a senior software engineer in Research and Development, Hiroko really enjoys working on interesting, exciting projects and solving challenging problems. She is thrilled to come to work every day to work with talented, enthusiastic colleagues who come from all over the world and have diverse backgrounds, both in terms of education and culture. She gets to learn and use cutting-edge technologies that she feels passionate about, and the company provides broad support in keeping her skills current and competitive. Hiroko also appreciates that Thomson Reuters facilitates global communication within the company. No matter what problem she encounters, there is somebody out there who she can reach out to for help, even if the person is on a different continent. And she's more than happy to help out others whenever her knowledge can be useful. She likes the friendly environment.

But that’s not the only reason Hiroko loves working at Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters offers paid volunteer time and donates money to organizations that she supports. She's thankful for the company for helping her stay focused at work and perform well while still being a good mom.

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